Our Committment and
Unique Advantages

Our Committment

SAINT International School is committed to providing each and every student with a stimulating and supportive learning environment that celebrates their unique character and capabilities, allowing them to be themselves and enabling them to achieve the best of their ability. 

At SAINT International School, each student will learn in:


Seeing a task through completion, trying our new approaches and overcoming setbacks with a positive attitude.


Sharing our skills and ideas; working and learning together towards a common goal.


Reviewing success or failure and moving forward.


Working positively and productively with others irrespective of difference.


Showing curiosity by questioning, investigating and evaluating to develop our understanding.


Making responsible decisions and taking appropriate action to become a self-reliant student.


Tackling unfamiliar situations and taking on new challenges with courage and forethought.


Exchange and express ideas or information confidently and creatively in a variety of ways.

Our Unique Advantages


International Curriculum

SAINT International School offers the prestigious Cambridge IGCSE Primary and Secondary curriculum, thus affirming our status as a Cambridge International School.


Four-day of studies

Currently, the School implements a four-day formal study schedule to ensure students are able to cope and manage their study load effectively. Recent studies showed that a four-day study week benefits learners in the long run.


One-day of CCA

Through various co-curricular activities (CCA), the School dedicates a day (Friday) for our students to develop leadership, teamwork, time management, communication, and decision-making skills.


Dedicated and Experienced Teachers

Our teachers create a positive learning environment, provide clear and engaging instruction, and offer personalized support and feedback to each student.

SAINT's Triangular Development Model (TDM)

Curriculum Technology Values
Cambridge International Curriculum (IGCSE)
Computer Coding
Performing Arts in Education
Primary School
Learning Management System (LMS)
Music, Art and Drama
Secondary School
Robotic Technology Skills
Co-curricular Activities
- Sports
- Public Speaking
- Debate
3D printing Skills
Value Education

SAINT's Students' Attributes

We expect our students and learners to be:
  1. Confidence in working with information and ideas.
  2. Responsible for themselves, responsive to and respectful to others.
  3. Reflective as students, developing their ability to learn.
  4. Innovative and equipped for new and future challenges.
  5. Engaged intellectually and socially, ready to make a difference.

Worldwide Recognition

SAINT International School offers the prestigious Cambridge International curriculum. It is a highly sought-after international certification for primary and secondary school students. It is widely acknowledged by prestigious universities and companies worldwide, serving as a global pathway to success and advancement.




Early Years’
3 – 5
Foundation Stage 1 – 2
Year 1 – 2
5 – 7
Key Stage 1
Year 3 – 6
7 – 11
Key Stage 2
Year 7 – 9
11 – 14
Key Stage 3
Year 10 – 11
14 – 16
Key Stage 4 (Cambridge IGCSE)